Friday, 17 June 2011

ERC Success Rates

Interesting stats from UKRO on the ERC Starting (StG) and Advance (AdG) Grants. There's now been three complete calls for each scheme, and UKRO's statistics show how the success rate for both StG and AdG has risen:
  • Starting Grants: 3.3% (2007-8) to 14.9 (2009-10)
  • Advanced Grants: 12.7% (2007-08) to 13.2% (2009-10)
Interestingly, the success rates for Grants hosted at UK HEIs is higher than the European average for StG (17.3%), but only marginally so for AdG (13.6%).

Now compare these figures with those published by the ESRC in their Demand Management Consultation Paper on the recent success rates for all the UK Research Councils:
  • AHRC: 16%
  • ESRC: 17% (small and standard grants combined)
  • MRC: 19%
  • BBSRC: 22%
  • NERC: 24%
  • EPSRC: 30% (following the introduction of its blacklisting procedure)
  • STFC: 53%
So the ERC success rates aren't a million miles away from the bottom three Research Councils - and the UK Starting Grants are actually the same or better than the AHRC and ESRC. No wonder the ESRC is making moves to introduce demand management measures, and the AHRC is following fast in its footsteps.

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