Thursday, 5 January 2017

Reviewing Peer Review

Internal peer review has become increasingly prevalent in universities across the UK. The trend is the result of a push by the research councils for institutions to manage the quality of their applications better, but also to an implicit need to give academics as much advantage as possible in the increasingly competitive world of grant-winning.

In some ways, an internal peer-review system is a no-brainer. Showing your application to others for comment prior to submission is an obvious step, right? Well, yes and no.

Wellcome Trust Visit

The Wellcome Trust will be visiting the University on 23rd February 2017.
The Trust last formally visited Kent some six years ago and in that time their funding schemes have changed considerably, with more emphasis on multi-disciplinary, collaborative research.
Wellcome is the largest non-governmental funder in the UK and supports health research from the sciences, humanities and social sciences.
The event is suitable for academics, researchers, PhD students and grant support staff from all three faculties.
Please see the preliminary agenda below and register to attend here.
 If you can’t attend but are interested, do get in touch with Dr Carolyn Barker via email.  We would be happy to forward any questions to the Wellcome Trust staff or arrange further meetings.