Tuesday, 27 January 2015

ESRC Success Rate Drops to 10% for July Open Call

'Swindon, we have a problem'
My colleague Brian Lingley drew my attention to a rather alarming set of data from the ESRC last week. The scores and funding outcomes published in November show that it received 144 responsive mode applications for July. Of those, only 14 were funded, giving a success rate of 10%.

Is this an anomaly? It is certainly less than the 25% ESRC average for 2013-14 given in the Times Higher round up published at the same time. More alarming, perhaps, was the number of high quality applications which didn't make it past the funding cut off point, which was in the 8-8.9 score range. In fact, there were more unsuccessful proposals in this range than there were successful ones.

Thus, according to ESRC's own definitions, it has had to turn away more than half of the 'excellent proposals which are of significant value, and are highly likely to make a very important scientific contribution and/or will significantly enhance the development of the applicant's academic career.'

Sunday, 25 January 2015

'All Hail the High Priests of the Eureka Temple!'

Senior management arrive for work

At Fundermental Towers University we are always keen to learn from others. Not only are we intending to rename our institution in the spirit of the King's rebrand, be we are pleased to announce that all our academics will be given new and exciting titles in line with Bristol's recently advertised 'Associate Dean of Eureka Moments.'