Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Giving Voice to Researchers

Vitae Conference Pack: bewildering
I last went to a Vitae Conference in 2014. In the three short years that have followed the research landscape has shifted completely. Of course, we have had the EU Referendum with the jittery uncertainty that's resulted, but there's also been the REF2014 results, the first outcomes of H2020, the Higher Education White Paper, the Nurse Review, the Stern Review, and the first announcements about REF2021. In those 36 months the research ship of state has tilted and we're waiting to see where all deckchairs have ended up.

Although the plenary was somewhat muted - I got the feeling that there was a nervousness hanging over the panel, and no one wanting to show their full hand to anyone - #vitae17 has been a chance for all those who support researchers to take stock, to assess what's worked, and to think about how best to go forward.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Exclusive: Eraserhead Appointed as CFO of UKRI

In a shocking development UKRI, the self-styled 'best funder in the world ever', has announced that Eraserhead would be its first Chief Finance Officer.

'These are exciting times for us,' enthused Mark Walport, self-styled 'bionic man and best CEO of a funding body in the world ever'. 'And exciting times means we need to appoint exciting people. Eraserhead has had much previous experience in caring for difficult newborns, in desolate, post-apocalyptic landscapes. As such he is an ideal candidate for leading this new, best-funder-in-the-world-ever, through a post-Brexit UK.'

Any relation to Ian Kenyon, formerly of Cancer Research UK, is entirely coincidental.