Saturday, 10 October 2015

Engaging with Europe

In April I wrote about the European Research Area, the ‘borderless continent’ that the founding fathers of the European Union hoped to achieve. The ERA can best be seen as a work in progress, but that shouldn’t stop academics from engaging with it and trying to influence its future direction and focus.

To many, the European Commission can seem like an impenetrable technocracy. If you ever hear a commissioner speak, it will do little to dispel this notion. I wrote once about the basic components of a Commission presentation. The vital elements are PowerPoint slides dense with text, detailed maps of the process by which directives have been agreed, preferably involving an incomprehensible flowchart, lots of clip art, and a peppering of unexplained acronyms.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Exclusive: Design of REF2020 Logo Revealed

With just fifty months until the likely submission date for the next REF, HEFCE has announced the design for the REF2020 logo.

The design was revealed at a showbiz ceremony in the heart of Bristol's glittering Abbey Wood. An expectant crowd of literally tens - or ten - of Higher Education's finest celebrities gathered to drink mulled cava and eat slightly stale Hula Hoops and listen to the announcement.