Wednesday, 20 October 2010

ERC - Stats from the Last Round of Starting Grants

It feels like this blog has been a bit ERC-heavy lately. But hey, that's obviously what's in the news at the moment (assuming you're keeping your eyes averted from the blow-by-blow commentary on the Comprehensive Spending Review). UKRO's got hold of some interesting stats from the last round of the Starting Grants. The most interesting, to me, is the fact that the success rate has rocketed from a derisory 3.3% three years ago to an almost respectable 14.9% this year. RCUK's declining success rate and ERC's rising one are just about even now.

More stats as follows:
  • Average age of researchers – 36 years;
  • Genders – 26.5% female (an increase from the previous call where 23% were female);
  • Grantees by country of Host Institution: UK (79), France (71), Germany (67), Switzerland (27), Israel and the Netherlands (25 each), Spain (23), Italy (22) Sweden (20). The results for other countries are in the attached statistics;
  • Grantees by nationality: Germany (83), France (62), Italy (41), UK and Israel (28 each) and the Netherlands (26). The results for other nationalities are in the attached statistics;
  • Mobility: the statistics presented also include an analysis of those grantees that are: staying in their country where it is the country of their nationality; staying in the country but who are nationals of another European country; staying in the country but who are non-EU nationals; and those moving to the country of their Host Institution (whatever their nationality);
    • Of the 79 grantees based at UK Host Institutions: ~22 are UK nationals staying in the UK; ~39 are European nationals already based in the UK and staying in the UK; ~8 are non Europeans already based in the UK staying in the UK; and ~10 are where the Principal Investigator is moving to the UK (whatever their nationality).
More information on UKRO's information services - though you need to login in order to access this.

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