Monday, 5 July 2010

Changes to Marie Curie Fellowships

Changes are afoot on the European Commission's flagship Marie Curie Fellowships, which encourage mobility of researchers within the European Research Area (ERA) - or, in their own words, to retain, repatriate, and recruit. Two of their schemes - the European Reintegration Grants (ERGs) and the International Reintegration Grants (IRGs) - are going to be amalgamated into a single scheme to be called the 'Career Integration Grants' (CIG). The aim will be on the 'repatriate' part of the MC's three Rs, and will encourage researchers to return to the ERA. The restriction that used to apply to ERGs - that only former MC Fellows could apply - will be lifted, and the scheme will look more like the IRGs. The first call is due 20 October 2010, with a deadline of 8 March 2011, so if you know someone who would fit the bill and could benefit from this funding, encourage them to look at the Cordis call page.

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