Thursday, 22 February 2018

Rodney Takes over European Research

In a surprise move, seen by some as offering a soothing pat on the head to the off shore asylum formerly known as Britain, the European Commission has appointed Rodney Trotter as the new Director General of DG Research and Innovation.

He succeeds long term incumbent Harvey Keitel, who held the position for eight years. He was a highly regarded Director General, but great things are expected of his successor.

'He knows how to hold his nerve and remain steady,' said an unnamed source very very very close to Jean-Claude Junker. 'Although he appears to be playing second fiddle to a loudmouth chancer with delusions of grandeur, he actually has very little to do with David Davis - I mean Jason,' he quickly corrected.

Any similarity to Jean-Eric Paquet is, of course, entirely coincidental.


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