Monday, 30 October 2017

Grants Factory: ERC Masterclass

Thursday 9 Nov, 12pm-2pm
Cornwallis LT3 (COLT3), Canterbury campus

Our last ERC masterclass

The ERC​ or European Research Council is the gold standard of European research funding. There are no research boundaries or priorities, all topics are supported from arts to medicine, from social science to engineering. Each year hundreds of the very best researchers are supported by the ERC to pursue their own, transformative research ideas in Europe. They are, quite simply, 'career-making' grants.

If you are thinking of applying to the ERC in 2018 this is the time to start preparing, particularly for the ERC Consolidator call. 

Please note that the UK government will underwrite all Horizon2020 grants for their entire duration, if awarded before the UK leaves the EU in 2019. Therefore, do apply whilst you still can.

  • ERC Consolidator (for researchers 7-12 years from PhD): Now open! Deadline 15 Feb 2018
  • ERC Advanced (for researchers with 10+ years of outstanding research): Opens 17 May 2018, Deadline 30 Aug 2018 
  • ERC Starting (for researchers 2-7 years from PhD): Opens Aug 2017, Deadline Oct 2018 (tbc)
This session will be led by two of Kent's ERC grant winners: Dr Heather Ferguson from Psychology (ERC Starting grant 2015, 'CogSoCoAGE', €1,488,028) and Prof Tracy Kivell​ from Anthropology (ERC Starting grant 2013, 'GRASP', €1 622 053). 

They will provide a brief overview of how things work at the ERC before moving on to give their personal perspective on what it's like to prepare for and write such a major grant. The session will be informal with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion throughout.

As ever, it’s free and open to all. However, do contact Carolyn Barker beforehand to confirm you can make it so that she can change the room if necessary. In the meantime notes from previous sessions are available here and here.

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