Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Jah-vis or Nah-vis?

We were all tremendously excited to learn of the appointment of Alistair Jarvis as CEO of Universities UK (UUK).

However, we do recognise a potential problem. In the old days it was very easy to distinguish UUK chief executive officers (CEOs) from male models advertising personal grooming products (MMAPGPs). The CEOs generally looked like they'd been dressed for a job interview by their mums in a branch of Mr Byrite; the MMAPGPs were the ones in the long hair and ripped clothing.

Not so any longer. The lines have been blurred. Now it's close cropped beards, open tailored shirts and myopic stares all over the place. So, as part of our public service remit, we bring you a quiz that will help you out. Just answer 'jah-vis' when you see the man himself, or 'nah-vis' if it's a well groomed impostor.

Hopefully, once you've nailed it you can sit back, relax, and wait for your invitation for canapes and cocktails in Tavistock Square to land on your doormat. Enjoy.

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