Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Story of O

Ob La Di, Ob La Da: 'Important'
There's exciting news about a reshuffle in the European Commission's DG Research and Innovation (RTD), which looks after the Horizon 2020 programme. From 1 February, DG RTD will be more fully aligned to Commissioner Carlos Moedas' '3 O' agenda: 'Open Innovation, Open Science, Open to the World.'

Whilst Fundermentals is entirely behind any policy directives based on random letters of the alphabet, we feel that Moedas has missed a trick by limiting his agenda to these three Os. They're all very well, but they're a little - well - humdrum. These Os won't set the world alight. They won't inspire the next generation of young European scientists.

Thus, we've drafted an urgent online petition calling on him to consider a different set of Os. We're suggesting, initially, that he consider: 'Ob La Di Ob La Da', 'Organogram', and 'Open All Hours'. This agenda will prioritse - rightly, in our humble opinion - any project that looks at incomprehensible Beatles lyrics, overly-complicated organisational charts, and classic British sitcoms. And ideally all three at once.

One hears so much these days about graphene, carbon capture and driverless cars. The time has come to really cut to the chase and prioritise the research issues that really matter. Show that you care about the future of European research and the possible links between 'I Am the Walrus; and Granville's tank top, including possible reporting lines between the two. Sign the petition.

And, hell, if you don't like that I've got plenty of ideas for the other 25 letters of the alphabet.

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  1. We've been referring to it as the 'Beyoncé protocol' ... oh, oh oh ... oh, oh, oh, etc, etc.