Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Strictly Come Reshuffle

The Johnsons have long been known to keep power in the family. With the ascent of Boris, Stanley isn't far behind and Jo - troublesome Jo - would be very welcome in the tent if only he didn't keep resigning. 

The love of family has been evident in the recent reshuffle too. In a surprise move the ministerial brief for universities and science has been split into two: one for universities and one for science. 

Suspicious minds assumed that Dominic Cummings was behind the move, but Fundermentals can now reveal that it was to accommodate mother and daughter duo Eve Pollard OBE and Claudia Winkleman (future OBE). 

'It was only a matter of time,' one insider told Fundermentals. 'Two national treasures for the price of one? What's not to like? Better still, with one used to juggling bad news stories and the other familiar with some deft footwork, it couldn't be better.'

Any similarity to Michelle Donelan and Amanda Solloway is, of course, entirely coincidental. 

Solloway and Donelan
Pollard and Winkleman

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