Friday, 1 September 2017

HEFCE Announces 'Confidence and Supply' Logo

We were shocked to learn today that, despite all the excellent work by the Fundermentals Creative Team, it's logo was not chosen to represent REF2021.

Logo: not chosen

Simon Wells of Edinburgh Napier University identified what the problem might be, and quickly offered a solution:  
But HEFCE weren't shifting.  Quick thinking, nimble footed Sara Shinton offered a radical alternative with a pedigree and panache that should have spelt success. 
Instead it spelt 'failure', in slightly jagged letters. 

Given the quality of our submissions, our suspicions were naturally aroused. Why would HEFCE reject such quality and craftsmanship? The answer was clear when the winner was announced by Hermione Autobahn, HEFCE's Director of Creativity and Peripherals.

'I am delighted to announce the new, post-Brexit, post-general election, confidence-and-supply logo,' gushed Ms Autobahn. 'HEFCE is entirely behind Theresa May's bold new bid to hold on to power creative collaboration with the Democratic Unionist Party, and as such we thought it only right to represent this in logoised form. 

Logo: bold, new, orange and grey.
The orange represents our bold new friends in the DUP, who are nothing if not impactful. The grey represents the strong and steady leadership of our charismatic Prime Minster. Together it's a winning combination. Just look at the wonderful success of our Brexit negotiations! Take heart! We're currently seeing if David Davis will lead HEFCE in its negotiations with UKRI to form Research England. He seems like just the man for the job, and will definitely lead us down a bold new vertiginous rabbit hole'.

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