Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Praxi MacPraxface

Call that a name? Delegates at the Praxis MacPraxface Conference 2016 have a go at renaming the organisation
Exciting news has reached us about a new naming competition. As you know, there's nothing we like more than a naming competition. I mean, what could possibly go wrong? I think the success of NERC's boat-naming scheme, and the subsequent competition to rename David Attenborough, demonstrate that we have nothing to fear. 

This time it's PraxisUnico and AURIL seeking names for their merged organisation. Why would they want to rename when they've already got gold in their hands with their Consignia-style vaguely-familiar-but-actually-rootless name. I suggested something similar in the dying days of the 94 Group, but the fools didn't take me up on it. They'd still be around today if they had. 

Anyway, never one to miss such an opportunity, we've had a quick chat over coffee with whoever was around a full, measured and extensive survey, rigorously subject to the full majesty of double blindness and strict peer review, and have come up with this shortlist. 

  • PraxisUnicoAuril. I mean, what's not to like? It's got all the ingredients, including the potential to be threeletteracronymed. And, when it comes to names, more is definitely more. Whilst people might forget the complete name, surely they'll be able to remember at least a part of it. 
  • Praxythingy. Okay, so they might struggle with even part. But surely this is enough? And I think it fully encompasses all of their activities and the main point of their mission statement? 
  • Puril. Right, you're really pushing me on this, aren't you? So you don't like the full name, or even the snappy name-cum-mission statement. So how about this shortening? It's not *at all* like a mix of 'purile' and 'Persil'. Uh uh.  
  • What do they do again?  I appreciate it might be a *little* controversial. But it's essentially cutting to the chase. Rather than going through the rigmarole of saying the name, and then spelling it, and spelling it again when your dinner guest has misheard, and then explaining what it is, here's something to help your poor beleaguered listener. It gets straight to the point. It also saves embarrassment by admitting that no one's entirely sure what they do. 
  • Praxi MacPraxface. I mean, I had to, didn't I? I think it's in the bag. 

Voting on this will open shortly. The winner will be ignored, though might be used on a small forgettable submarine attached to the main organisation. And with a prize like that, who wouldn't want to take part?

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