Friday, 15 April 2016

Marky McSpenceface

First output from NERC/M&S
'Chocky McChockface'
Following the exciting news of the NERC/M&S link up, the CEO of M&S, Steve 'Cod' Rowe announced plans to 'learn from the best in engaging with our customers'.

As a result they have decided to follow NERC's lead and hold a competition to rename all their foodstuffs. 'What could possibly go wrong?' asked Rowe.

The first tranche of foodstuffs will include the ever popular Chocolate Mini Bites. 'I'm sure people will think of wonderful things, like 'Food of the Aztec Gods', or possibly 'A Little Taste of Paradise,'' suggested Rowe.

But rumours of an informal, pre-competition focus group have emerged, at which the favoured choice was  'Chocky McChockface'.

'No, there are no plans to shelve the competition,' Rowe stated angrily when confronted with news of the focus group. 'The Great British Public has far more sense than that'.

However, Fundermentals has discovered that a subsequent competition to rename the company has been quietly dropped, for fear that 'Marky McSpenceface' would be the front runner.

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