Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Interdisciplinary Kent: Premiere, 5 Sept 2015

An Eastern ARC interdisciplinary sandpit in May
The University of Kent was founded on strong interdisciplinary principles. It harnessed the mood of the time by questioning the siloed nature of learning, and the college structure was an attempt to encourage both staff and students in diverse disciplines to meet and interact. Whilst the departmentalisation of the seventies and eighties led to the loss of some of this serendipitous freedom, the ethos remained. The size of the University, the range of subjects and the concentrated campus encourages academics to meet others outside of their specialism.

The filmmaker Jasper Bouverie of Funder Films has produced three short films to celebrate this heritage, to highlight current interdisciplinary projects, and to point the way to the future. The films will be premiered as part of the University's 50th Anniversary weekend on Saturday 5 September at 3pm in the Gulbenkian. The event will be hosted by the Dean of Humanities, Dr Simon Kirchin, who narrated the three films, and I'm planning to have a question and answer session following the showing to explore some of the issues that were raised in the films. 

 It is free and open to all, but do let me know if you plan to come along so that I can get a sense of numbers. 

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