Monday, 16 March 2015

Grants Factory: Engaging with Politicians & Policy Makers

As part of this year's Grants Factory programme, we will be holding a session on engaging with politicians and policy makers.

Academics are increasingly being urged to produce "impactful" research but how do you actually achieve that impact? One key route could be to engage with politicians and policy makers. Governments (of all political persuasions) need research results and advice from experts from a wide breadth of disciplines to help develop good, evidence-based, policies.

In this event, Kate Anderson, from the Parliamentary Outreach Service will discuss how Parliament uses academic research and the ways that you can engage with Parliament using your own work. Kate will be joined by Professor Jagjit Chadha from the School of Economics. Jagjit will share his extensive experience as an adviser to the Bank of England and the Treasury, to provide an insight into how this relationship works in reality.

The session is taking place this Thursday (19 March) between 12-2pm. It is free, open to all Kent staff, and lunch will be provided. However, do let Brian Lingley know if you are planning to come along so I can make sure the room and catering are sufficien

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