Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Grants Factory 2013-14

This year sees our most ambitious Grants Factory yet. Not only are we continuing with the programme of workshops run by experienced academics, but we're building on the success of last year's Early Career Researcher Network to offer a forum for ECRs to meet and discuss issues around developing their careers, and we're complementing both with a series of Writing Group drop-in sessions.

There will be more information on all these sessions closer to the time, but if you would like to come along to any of them based on the information below, do drop me a line.

Grants Factory Workshops

The Grants Factory workshops are an opportunity to hear from experienced colleagues about how funders work and what they’re looking for. This year there is a focus on the new European funding programme, Horizon 2020, but there will also be in-depth sessions on the Research Councils, including mock panel exercises.

9 October, 11-3pm
Prof Gordon Marshall (Director of the Leverhulme Trust)
23 October, 1-5pm
Speakers from HEFCE, RCUK and OA journals, amongst others
14 November
Gearing up for Horizon 2020 (invitation only)
11 December, 12-4pm
How the AHRC Peer Review Panel Works: overview and mock panel exercise
Dr Simon Kirchin & Prof Peter Boenisch
22 January
Preparing an Application for Horizon 2020
19 March 1-3pm
Outreach, Impact & Public Engagement
Prof Ray Laurence & Prof Darren Griffin
12 March, 12-4pm
How the ESRC Peer Review Panel Works: overview and mock panel exercise
Prof Sarah Vickerstaff & Prof Dominic Abrams
3 April, 2-4pm
Alternative Sources of Funding for your Research
Carole Barron, Alison Coles, Phil Ward
9 May, 2-4pm
Overview of Horizon 2020
12 Feb, 1-3pm
Involving End Users in your Research
Prof Dominic Abrams & Bridget Carpenter
4 June, 12-4pm
How the EPSRC Peer Review Panel Works:
overview and mock panel exercise
Prof Sarah Spurgeon & Prof Simon Thompson

Early Career Researcher Network

The ECR Network exists to offer mutual support to academics at the beginning of their careers. There will also be an opportunity to meet others informally and share the highs and lows of getting started in academia. 

16 October 2-4pm
Planning your Career
Prof Sally Sheldon & Dr Simon Black
8 November, 7pm
ECR Social
27 November, 2-4pm
Getting Published: Targeting Top Journals and Writing Book Proposals
Prof Sally Sheldon & Prof Mick Tuite
6 December, 7pm
ECR Social
19 February, 2:30-4:30pm
Using Social Media to Support your Career
Dr Nadine Muller (Liverpool John Moores University)
19 February,  7pm
ECR Social
5 March, 2-4pm
Balancing the Conflicting Demands of Academia
Prof Gordon Lynch & Prof Sarah Spurgeon
12 March, 7pm
ECR Social
30 May, 7pm
ECR Social

Grants Factory Writing Groups

Struggling to prepare a proposal alone? Finding it hard to get motivated? This year the Grants Factory will offer writing groups where you can meet other applicants for mutual help and support. Faculty Funding Officers will be on hand for advice, and each group will be mentored by a senior academic with peer review panel experience. There will be four groups:
  • Arts & Humanities (Mentors: Dr Simon Kirchin & Prof Gordon Lynch)
  • Social Sciences (Mentors: Prof Sarah Vickerstaff and Prof Dominic Abrams)
  •  ICT, Maths & Physical Sciences (Mentors: Profs Simon Thompson and Sarah Spurgeon)
  • Life & Health Sciences (Mentor: Prof Mick Tuite)

30 October, 12-2pm
Kick-off Event: Essential Elements of a Good Application
w/c 18 November
Writing Group Drop-in Session
w/c 27 January
Writing Group Drop-in Session
w/c  24 February
Writing Group Drop-in Session
w/c 24 March
Writing Group Drop-in Session
w/c 12 May
Writing Group Drop-in Session

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