Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Another Professor Writes

Revd Prof Tutu McGlenn: Clean
Dear Sir

I write in support of Prof (emeritus) Piebald Arbuthnott's admirable clarification on the use of adjectives by the Russell Group and Post-92s.

Prompted by his majestic clarification, I thought it was an apposite moment to raise again a modest proposal that I have, for some time, intended to put to HEFCE. To wit, that, when out in public, all Post-92s be required to wear sackcloth and ring a bell, clearly enunciating in a loud voice the word 'unclean'.

This would not, I believe, be too much additional effort, and would help to establish in the public's mind the clear distinction between proper universities and ex-polys.

I trust you will support me in this.

Yours, etc

Revd Prof Tutu McGlenn

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