Monday, 10 June 2013

#ARMA2013: A Tale of Two Cities

Nottingham. Or is it Las Vegas?
As many of our regular readers will know, ARMA is the Association of Research Managers and Administrators. Except when it's the Association of Residential Managing Agents. Or the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts. Or the Armenian Medical Assocation. Or the Assocation of Records Managers and Administrators.

Once a year, the 'proper' ARMA has a conference, and this year decided on the hashtag #ARMA2013 to use on Twitter. Only problem was, those interlopers, the so-called 'ARMA', decided to use #ARMA2013 too. And to heap confusion on confusion, they've only gone and held it in a similar sort of city to the Real ARMA!

Imagine the potential chaos! Fortunately, help is at hand. Fundermentals has provided this helpful cut out and keep guide for confused conference delegates, unsure whether they have arrived in the right city for their profession.

Nottingham and Las Vegas

So tell me, how do I know if I'm in the right city? Can you see a replica of a pyramid?
No. Statue of Liberty? Eiffel Tower?
No, no. And do you have your coat on?
Yes. Safe to say you're in Nottingham.
Ah. Jolly good. So what else do I need to know? Well, when Las Vegas was founded in 1905 Nottingham was approximately 1300 years old.
What! It had all that time but didn't make even a small replica pyramid? Yes, I know. Go figure.
So what were they doing? Well, hiding in caves, initially. Then making lace. Then bicycles.
Busy people. Probably trying to keep warm. Perhaps.
Anything else I should know? Nottingham's famous for Robin Hood.
Ah! The Sheriff of Nottingham! I knew I'd heard the name somewhere. Yes.
Surprised Las Vegas hasn't created a Sherwood Forest Casino. It's only a matter of time.
So Nottingham's got the history. What's Las Vegas got? Elvis.
Of course! But surely Nottingham's had some of the greats? Well Swing Out Sister did come from Nottingham.
Hmm. Is it too late to join the other ARMA?

Do say: 'Ah! They've reintroduced trams! How wonderfully sustainable!'
Don't say: 'The good thing about trams is they're so silent you can't hear them com-'

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