Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Oxford's Server Gets Reboot

It was heartening to hear that the computer that powers the ancient academic powerhouse of Oxford was kicked back into life at The National Museum of Computing in Bletchley today.

'We've never had a problem before,' confided the Director of IT and Magical Things at St Heathen's College Oxford, Prof Sir Norman Dumblewick, 'although there was a scare in 1974 when there was a shortage of string and valves due to the three day week.'

'People are forever 'upgrading' and buying fancy new iPads and whatnot, but we've had the same server here since 1951 and it is still supporting the fellows' world class research.'

'It's a little known fact that we at St Heathen's were the first to develop the 'world wide web'' continued Dumblewick. 'However, we understand the 'world' to mean the 38 Oxford colleges. Which I think is fair.'

'Yes, the future of research in the UK is safe in our hands', concluded Dumblewick, as the machine behind him started to make an alarming crunching noise. Dumblewick turns and delivers a swift kick. 'That's what we call 'rebooting',' he wheezed, chortling and coughing in turn for some minutes.

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