Thursday, 5 July 2012

ESRC & NIHR Call for 'Oven-Ready' Dementia Interventions

The ESRC and NIHR whetted the sector's appetite for their forthcoming Dementia Initiative by holding a workshop for prospective applicants on Tuesday. The Call Specification is now on the ESRC's website, but there were some interesting points that came out of the workshop :

  • Stakeholder involvement is key;
  • Projects need to be ambitious and bold;
  • They are especially interested in looking at 'oven-ready' interventions that change behaviour and can prevent dementia;
  • Social care research is seen as a particularly rich seam that has been under-researched;
  • They would welcome the wider involvement of social sciences. 
We're planning to hold a meeting in a couple of weeks time to discuss this call. If you want more information about it, or are considering putting in a bid, drop me or Brian Lingley a line.

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