Monday, 12 September 2011

UK National Contact Points for European Funding

Ever feel you're in FP7 quicksand? Feel like you're about to drown in euro-speak? The more you struggle, the more desperate your situation? Wish there was someone on hand with a rope and a plank?

Well wish no longer. Believe it or not there's a network of plank and rope handlers out there, ready, willing and - yes - able to pull you out of the mire. They're the UK's National Contact Points (NCPs), and between them have a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with the Framework Programme. Their details are available here, but true to the nature of the Grand European Project, this is somewhat muddled and unclear. I've taken this info and cut to the chase: below are contacts - and numbers - that count.

Cooperation Themes
  • Energy: Helen Fairclough (Enviros Consulting) 0161 8743636;
  • Environment: Chris Barker (DEFRA) 0207 238 1629, or Catherine Holt (Beta Technology) 01302 322633;
  • Health: Victoria Brewer (MRC) 0207 670 5418, or Graham Hughes (Beta Technology) 01302 322633;
  • ICT: Peter Walters (TUV/NEL) 01932 251260, or Craig Sharp (TUV/NEL) 01355 593836;
  • KBBE: Tim Willis (BBSRC) 01793 413247, Chris Barker (details under 'Environment'), or Jane Watkins (Beta Technology) 01302 322633;
  • NMP: Alastair McGibbon (TUV/NEL) 01355 593810, or Craig Sharp (details under 'ICT');
  • Security: Derek Gallaher 07852 556502;
  • SSH: Samantha McGregor (ESRC) 01793 413141;
  • Space: Robert Lowson (Beta Technology) 01302 322633;
  • Transport: Cliff Funnell (Cliff Funnell Associates) 01243 552921, or Gill Richards (GR Aero Ltd) 01908 583916;
European Research Council
  • Jo Frost (UKRO) 00 32 2 2896121;
Marie Curie
  • Emma Carey (UKRO) 00 32 2 2305275;
  • SMEs: Steve Bradley (Beta Technology) 01302 322633;
  • Science in Society: Stephanie Remola (ESRC) 01793 413146
  • INCO: Kate o'Shea (UK Collaboration on Development Sciences (UKCDS)) 0207 611 8276.
There's a number of others, but I think these are the main ones you will deal with. If anyone comes across a phone number that no longer works, or a responsibility that's changed, drop me a line and I'll update this post.


  1. This is great - thanks Phil! Us NCPs are always here and ready to help out in any way we can. It's also worth noting that most NCPs have their own websites which they maintain and update with information relevant to people working in their areas. They can be accessed here:

    Mine (for SSH) is here: