Friday, 14 January 2011

FP8 Green Paper

UKRO have got an early draft copy of the EC's Green Paper on FP8. This is a discussion paper, intended to generate debate on their proposals for FP8. It suggest five improvements to the Framework Programme, namely:
  • Clarifying objectives and how they are translated into the supported activities, while maintaining flexibility to respond to emerging policy needs.
  • Simplifying participation, in order to lower administrative burdens, to address the low success rates in some parts of the programme, and to reduce the time to grant.
  • Reducing complexity in the EU funding landscape. The Commission accepts that the research and innovation programmes have expanded organically over time, so that there is now a confusion of schemes and objectives. There needs to be more coordination.
  • Broadening participation in EU programmes - particularly amongst industry and SMEs, female researchers, and newer member states.
  • Increasing the impact of EU supported research - eg by better uptake of results by companies and investors. So there should be better communication of results.
The Green Paper asks 24 questions, including:
  • How should the 'instruments' (i.e. funding schemes) be streamlined?
  • What should be the balance between big and small projects?
  • How can industry involvement be strengthened?
The consultation will open at the beginning of February, and the deadline for responses is 20 May 2011. You can see the full draft Green Paper on the UKRO website, but you need to subscribe to their Information Services. This is free to members of staff at Kent.

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