Friday, 29 October 2010

So That's Where the 2.9% Is Going!

Whilst David Cameron tussles with his European counterparts to try and get the EU funding increase reduced from a proposed 6% to 2.9%, we've got a little insight into where some of that funding increase is going. A new organogram! Hurrah! Yes, you read it right, and UKRO have got their hands on this beautiful beast. How dare you say that's taxpayer's money wasted? The European Union - the world - needs a new organogram.
An exciting knock on effect is that DG Research (that's Directorate General Research, or another way of saying the 'Dept for Research' in Eurospeak) has got a shiny new name. Wait for it, wait for's DG Research and Innovation. This is to reflect (serious face now) the EU 2020 Strategy and the launch of the Innovation Union flagship initiative.
If you want the full, gory eurocrat-tastic detail of what the changes will mean, have a look at the UKRO story here. And do try and stay awake, Bond.

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  1. And, for those that are wondering, the answer to "What is an organogram?" is here: