Monday, 11 January 2010

RCUK Announce New End of Award Report System

RCUK has launched it's 'Research Outcomes' system project. This has been rumbling on for some time, partly because the Research Councils recognised that the current system isn't fit for purpose as it doesn't capture outputs that are more than a year or two after the end of an award. The idea, from what I understand, is that award holders will complete a simplified end of award report, and then will be responsible for updating the system as and when new outputs resulting from their funded research become available.
They're currently, they say, consulting with the research community 'to establish requirements for the new system, and the project team is working closely with HEFCE to align, where possible, with similar requirements for the Research Excellence Framework (REF).' Joined up thinking? Surely not!
RCUK will then invite tenders to develop and implement a system, and the project is expected to have a pilot system in operation by summer 2011, with full roll out in late 2011.

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