Sunday, 19 June 2016

And the Winner Is...'Sometimes Humorous'

'Tired and emotional'
Yes, I was as startled as I looked. At last week's ARMA Conference I was given the Piirus Technology and Innovation and Application Award for services to scurrilous blogging. Well, that wasn't quite the citation: instead it was for 'a well regarded, innovative and sometimes humorous blog'. I loved that final phrase: 'sometimes humorous'. It's deliciously (and I'm sure, unintentional) faint praise, and very much in keeping with the spirit of the blog.

On the night the award came as something of a surprise. It was the first category of award, and I was merrily applauding the 'highly commended' contender when my name was mentioned. I assumed I was also 'highly commended', and carried on clapping, before realising that they were talking about me. I stumbled on to the stage looking a little - as Private Eye would say -  'tired and emotional,' whispering into the host's ear, 'I don't have to say anything, do I?'

Well, luckily, I didn't, but if I had been called on to say something it would just be to thank you all, as the readers of this blog, for sticking with me, with my sometimes off-message rants and flights of fancy, with my opinions and my slightly scattered memories of a the key points from a workshop.

But thank you, in particular, to Research Services at the University of Kent, that has hosted me and tolerated me with a frankly saintly forbearance, allowing me the freedom and independence to do whatever I think is necessary to support and nurture research at the University. It is all hugely appreciated.

And here's to the next seven years of posts, of crazy imaginings and more thoughtful musings. I've loved every minute of it, even when I misjudge things somewhat. Yes, it has happened - several times. If any of you have ideas for future posts or issues worth looking into, I'm always open to ideas. And in the meantime, thank you all.

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