Monday, 15 December 2014

Fundermental Top 10 of 2014

Last year I compiled a list of the top ten posts on Fundermentals, based on page views. As we inch towards Christmas, and before the deluge of the REF, I reckon it's time to do the same for 2014.

  1. The Trouble with Citations (March): a comment piece voicing my concern with the Times Higher's use of citations in the compilation of its league tables.
  2. EPSRC Christmas Ad Launched (November): from the sublime to the ridiculous. My take on the modern trend to have seasonal big budget adverts. 
  3. Academia & Social Media (February): notes from the visit by the mighty Nadine Muller earlier in the year. 
  4. The Dangers of Blogging (September): the only one of my Funding Insight columns to make the Top 10, which suggested the need for caution when publishing online. 
  5. The Danger of Management by Metrics (June): Sparked by news at Kings, and reinforced by recent news at Imperial and Warwick: the worrying trend to manage by metrics.
  6. ESRC Seeks New CEO (March): The ESRC was seeking a new Chief Executive. This was my tongue in cheek look at the runners and riders.
  7. In the Salon (August): Ah, Open Access. The gift that keeps on giving. A silly piece on the business model underlying OA.
  8. Involving End Users (February): Notes from a Grants Factory session on including end users in your research.
  9. Getting Interdisciplinary Work Published (September): I took part in a British Academy funded event on interdisciplinarity hosted by the Open University in the Autumn.
  10. Build Yesterday Tomorrow: the Launch of the Latitude Prize (May): Finally, after the fireworks of the Longitude Prize, some publicity for it's little known sibling. 

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