Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Winter Newsletter Available

It's like this, but sickly yellow.
Tube strikes and gale force storms. Syrian negotiations and the Winter Olympics. Longer school days and higher/lower rates of tax. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Satya Nadella, Kevin Pietersen.

None of these feature in this term's newsletter. Call us narrow minded, blinkered and agenda-driven, but instead we're focusing on research-related issues relating to the University of Kent. So, for instance, we've got details of the new PVC Research & Enterprise, Prof Philippe De Wilde; we've got a full listing of awards over the last three months, with a breakdown by faculty and funder; we've got updates on Eastern ARC and the REF. We've got the latest from the world of ethics and governance. We've got notes from the visit of the Director of the Leverhulme Trust.

In fact, if you haven't received your copy and read it cover to cover, you'll be woefully ill-informed. Get in touch if there isn't a garish golden glow in your pigeon hole. Alternatively, a pdf of the latest edition, together with back copies, are available on the Research Services website.

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