Monday 18 November 2013

ECR Network: Strategic Approaches to Getting Published

12-2pm 27 November 2013
Venue TBC

Getting published is the cornerstone of a successful and sustainable academic career. A good publication record will have an impact on your promotion, but also on your chances of getting external research funding. In this workshop, Prof Mick Tuite (Biosciences) and Prof Sally Sheldon (KLS) will be joined by Richard Hart (Hart Publishing, Oxford) to discuss some of the key issues you need to consider when seeking publication, including:
  •  Choosing the right journal;
  •  How articles are selected, and what makes an article attractive to an editor;
  •  Responding to reviewers’ comments;
  • Writing a book proposal and securing a contract;
  •  Dealing with co-authors;
  •  Managing your portfolio, and knowing when to say ‘no’.
The session is free, open to all staff at the University of Kent, and lunch will be provided. However, do let me know if you are planning to come along so I can make sure the room and catering are sufficient. In addition, if you could let me know what your position is (permanent or fixed term, academic or researcher, and approximate time since doctorate), that will help Mick and Sally pitch the session appropriately.

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