Wednesday, 27 February 2013

AHRC: A Final Check before Submitting

Check that you've got something written
next to your tickboxes...d'oh!

The AHRC's Morag Sullivan gave us a startling statistic at yesterday's AHRC event: between a quarter and a fifth of all applications submitted to the AHRC are rejected by the office for commonsensical and easily avoided oversights.

So, if you’re planning to apply to the AHRC shortly, make sure you’ve got the following ‘i’s dotted and ‘t’s crossed:

·         Does the proposal fit within AHRC’s remit?
·         Is the primary classification in the AHRC subject area?
·         Have appropriate key words been selected?
·         Does the proposal meet the scheme aims?
·         Are all required attachments present?
·         Are the page limits for each attachment right?
·         Are there surplus attachments?
·         Are costs listed under the correct cost heading?
·         Are they explained in the Justification of Resources?
·          Do costs match across different documents?
·         Is the Technical Summary complete?
·         Is the Early Career Researcher eligibility statement completed?
·         Do you have the necessary employment contract to apply?
·          Is the start date within correct timeframe?
·         Do the hours worked match the hours charged?
·          Is the RA of postdoctoral standing?

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