Monday, 22 October 2012

Getting Published in Journals: Notes #1

Last week saw the second meeting of the Early Career Researcher Network. The focus was on how to get published in journals, and I'm planning to do some brief notes from all of the speakers' sessions over the course of this week. 

To kick things off, I thought it would be worth looking at who was involved in the session, and what their backgrounds are. The panel consisted of five senior academics with considerable experience of editing, and submitting to, leading journals in their fields:

Prof Sally Sheldon (Chair – KLS)

Sheldon is on the editorial board of Social and Legal Studies, Duffy is on the board of Modern African Studies, Mingers is on the board of MISQ, Strangleman is on the board of The Sociological Review 
and the Sociology Compass, and Williamson is editor of The Reasoner.

Tomorrow I'll provide some notes from the first talk in the session, Prof Tim Strangleman looking at 'Disseminating your Thesis'.

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