Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Autumn Newsletter Out Now

Right! Time to stop whatever you're doing, and make for the newstands: the autumn edition of our newsletter, ResearchActive, is out.

It's a bumper edition this term, and includes:
  • details of the shiny new Peer Review system that was launched at the beginning of October;
  • a snapshot of selection of recent awards;
  • information about the new Grants Factory programme;
  • all the funding gossip from Brussels and Swindon;
  • an overview of the research interests of the 25 new academics who have joined the University recently;
  • pass notes on the REF;
  • contact details for everyone in Research Services.
So check your pigeon holes, and drop me a line if that familiar yellow pamphlet isn't there; I'll send you a pdf of it by return.

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