Friday, 15 July 2011

Changes to EPSRC Funding Schemes

News is coming through from Polaris Towers about changes in the pipeline for EPSRC funding schemes:
  • The leadership, career acceleration and postdoc fellowships are to be stopped. They will be replaced by a single fellowship scheme - where you can apply anytime, at any stage of your career.
  • Increased number of calls in strategic areas (although responsive-mode grants will continue to get the vast majority of their funding)
  • Increased support for key UK-based academics - individual, long term support.
  • Possible changes to the way first grants will be assessed (i.e. not just against first grants). However, detail of this was not forthcoming.
  • No plans for a UK equipment register; it will be up to academics to find shared equipment.
Full details of these will be announced next week (around 20 July). Thanks to my colleague Carolyn Barker for this. Incidentally Carolyn's planning to start up her own, science-focused funding blog, so watch this space...

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