Friday, 22 July 2011

Blog Roll

Since starting this blog I've come across a wealth of new and existing blogs that cover the same or complementary areas. I wanted to highlight some of these, and encourage you to have a look at what they're saying. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, in a very random order:
  • Exquisite Life: the Research Professional blog. Very good, informed comment on a range of issues in higher education. Especially good at deconstructing the backroom politics that underlies HE and research in the UK.
  • Bournemouth University EU Blog: a hidden gem, this is very good with up to date info on developments in European funding.
  • Social Science Space: a wider ranging blog run by the Campaign for Social Science that looks at issues more generally in the Social Sciences.
  • Cash for Questions: a brilliant, deliciously honest new blog from Nottingham's Adam Golberg, highlighting and questioning research funding issues in the Social Sciences.
  • Athene Donald's Blog: Written by a BBSRC panellist and one of the great and good, a refreshingly open take on research, teaching and life generally as an academic.
  • Lincoln University Research Office Blog: Another university blog, this time from Lincoln. Good, basic institutional-level updates. How RO blogs should be done.
  • A University Blog: Ferdinand von Prondzynski's take on academic life. Like Athene Donald, this is an honest view of the reality of the modern university.
  • Mind the Gap: and, from the other end of the university food chain, a blog by a jobbing RA, Jenny Rohn. The highs, the lows, the frustrations, the triumphs: it's all there.
  • BishopBlog: another academic insight, this time from Deevy Bishop of Oxford, highlighting both the good and bad of life as a Prof.
  • LSE Impact Blog: an interesting, exhaustive look at impact (and more) in research, with a good selection of guest posters.
  • Science Fundermentals: a great new blog by my colleague Carolyn Barker that concentrates on science research funding. Good first post on EPSRC changes.
  • Research Whisperer: stepping outside of the UK/EU goldfish bowl, this is one from Australian colleagues. Interesting how many of the issues are the same...
  • Wonkhe: great name, great blog. Covering more of the nuts and bolts of HE policy, this is an informed and informative insight into the choppy waters on which we float.
  • The University Blog: in a similar vein, but aimed more at students and their perspective.
  • Registrarism: another blog from Nottingham (what is it with Nottingham??), which looks more at admin and management issues - the remit of the Registrar - at universities.
I'm sure there's plenty I've missed, but I hope to keep this list updated as a blog roll at the side of mine. Do have a look at these when you have a chance. You'll come away a smarter, more informed and - let's be frank - better person.


  1. Thanks for the props (Lincoln). I'm enjoying your blog too. :)

  2. Thanks for link Phil - I've added a link back to you from Wonkhe.


  3. you are right... you can also find latest Higher Education alerts online.

  4. Most kind of you to mention TheUniversityBlog. Thank you so much, Phil.