Wednesday, 22 June 2011

ResearchActive Newsletter: Summer Edition Available

The summer edition of the Research Services Newsletter, ResearchActive, is now available. A hard copy has been sent to all staff, but if you've not received it do get in touch and we can send you an electronic version. It's a bumper six pager this term, and includes:
  • Details of the University's new Internal Peer Review system;
  • Information on the research interests of new staff;
  • Highlights of some recent awards;
  • REF update;
  • Changes to RCUK equipment costs;
  • Details of how we use the data that EPSRC sends us on 'blacklisting';
  • Notes from the Leverhulme visit, and Grants Factory events;
  • and, of course, some choice cuts from the Blog.
Get it while it's hot!

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