Friday, 8 April 2011

ESRC Seminar Series

A little sliver of good news on this sunny spring Friday: the ESRC Seminar Series is back! After a year of uncertainty, when all enquiries about the scheme were batted in to the long grass (the last I heard was that the ESRC were commissioning an 'evaluation' of it in February), the scheme will run in 2011/12. Details of it are available here.

It's refreshing, after a winter of bad news and cuts to small schemes, that the ESRC is standing by this funding minnow, which offers up to £15k for researchers and users to 'meet regularly to exchange information and ideas with the aim of advancing research within their fields.'

Details of the 2011/12 competition will be available in May, so keep an eye on the webpage listed above if you need funding for meetings between you and your collaborators.

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