Thursday, 3 March 2011

PVC's Lunchtime Seminars: 'Vocation'

The next PVC’s Lunchtime Seminar is due to take place on Wednesday 16 March at 12: 30pm, and will focus on 'Vocation'.

In our target-driven academic culture, it can be difficult for scholars to find a deeper sense of meaning or worth in their research and teaching. This seminar, involving people from a number of different disciplines, is about the nature of ‘vocation’ and what it can tell us about the scholarly enterprise. Drawing on both spiritual and secular approaches, and speaking from personal and theoretical perspectives, the contributors will explore if and how their university work can be seen as a kind of ‘calling’ that transcends the immediate box-ticking requirements of the job. This is important, for it is surely only work done out of real conviction that is of the highest quality.

Those speaking at the event will include:
All are welcome; as ever, the seminar is intended to be of interest to those working in a wide range of disciplines. The event will take place in Keynes Lecture Theatre 6 (KLT6). Lunch will be available at 12:30pm, and the talks and discussion will be between 1 – 2pm. Do let me know if you would like to come so that I can arrange catering.

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