Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Peer Review Panel Archetypes

Another great post from Prof Athene Donald, which chimes in with what our own Prof Mick Tuite spoke about in his recent talk. Delicacy has meant that I drew a veil over his own descriptions of panel archetypes - you have to come along to his next Grants Factory talk to find out how he defined his fellow members! - but Prof Donald provides a great typology, including:
  • Dr Mouse: inaudible, tentative - and ubiquitous;
  • Dr Underprepared: but always an excuse on hand for his being so...
  • Drs Centre of Attention & Bore: a Jekyll and Hyde combination, holding centre stage at the opposite end of the spectrum from Dr Mouse.
Read the rest of her excellent and eye-opening blog for more on those - and other - archetypes. And do make sure you come along for Mick's next talk to get his take.

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