Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Where to Find FP7 Calls

UKRO, the UK Research Office in Brussels, is reporting that FP7 calls are now going to be published on the EC's 'Research Participant Portal'.

Previously, you went to the Cordis site for this. However, this will no longer be updated. Unfortunately, the Cordis site is not redirecting users to the Participant Portal. Great. However, you do still have to go to the Cordis site for the legal documents and guidance. So it looks like the EC's made it ever so slightly more complicated and labyrinthine to apply to the Framework Programme.

However, I'm sure this is a minor glitch, and that they'll iron this out. I mean, this is the European Commission, actioned with coordinating the workings of 27 member states in 23 different official languages. What could possibly go wrong?

So update your bookmarks and keep an eye on the Calls as they come up. If you're interested in European funding, but not sure where to begin, make sure you come along to the 'Eurovision: Is European Funding for Me?' event tomorrow at 12:30 in Keynes Seminar Room 14.

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