Wednesday, 10 November 2010

BIS Publishes Milestones for Reform

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has set out its plans implementing changes to higher education. It intends to 'establish a higher education, science and research framework that promotes world-class competitiveness in teaching and research.Ensure progression, fair access and better quality for students. Strengthen links between universities and industries and support innovation and technology development.'

Amongst its milestones to achieve this are the following:
  • Develop a white paper on the future strategy of higher education - by March 2011
  • Introduce legislation to make possible the 'new arrangements' - by May 2012
  • Set out changes to the REF, including assessment of impact - by March 2011
  • Reform QR funding to focus on excellence - by July 2011
  • Implement recommendations of Wakeham Review - by March 2011
  • Reform HEIF funding - by July 2011
  • Establish network of Advanced Technology Centres - by April 2012
  • Complete move to RCUK Shared Services Centre - by March 2011
So hold on to your hats. By March next year we'll begin to see the reality of the government's brave new world. As the document says, 'the Coalition is committed to a programme of reform that will turn government on its head.' Does that mean upside down government? We'll wait and see.

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