Friday, 8 October 2010

Grants Factory 2010-11 Programme Announced

Following the success of last year’s programme, John Baldock has announced a new series of Grants Factory events. These are all led by senior Kent academics with outstanding track records in obtaining funding and/or as panel members for major funding agencies.
These events are a good opportunity to pick up insider knowledge on different aspects of preparing research funding proposals and take time out to discuss your research with academic colleagues from across the University.
The programme is listed below and here, and includes workshops, talks and opportunities to test draft applications in a funding panel environment.
Please contact Lynne for further information.

Master Classes: what the guidance doesn’t tell you

  • Prizes & Pitfalls of Collaboration (Wed 15 Sept): Dr Peter Bennett and Prof Jon Williamson
  • Brace for Impact: How to write your ‘Pathways to Impact’ (TBC - Autumn Term): Prof Liz Mansfield
  • Eurovision: Is European funding for me?( Wed 19 Jan): Jenny Billings and Prof Simon Thompson (in conjunction with the UK Research Office in Brussels (UKRO))
  • In the Belly of the Beast: How the peer review panel works in practice (Thurs 3 Feb): Prof Mick Tuite
  • Collaborating with Industry (Thurs 17 March): Winston Waller (in conjunction with Kent Innovation and Enterprise)
  • Brace for Impact: How to write your ‘Pathways to Impact’ (TBC - Spring Term): Prof Liz Mansfield
  • Designing a Fundable Project (TBC - Summer Term): Profs Paul Allain and Liz Mansfield
  • Writing a Successful Fellowship Application (TBC): Profs Paul Allain and Darren Griffin
Peer Review Panels: test drive your project

An opportunity to put your draft proposal through a mock panel exercise relevant to your subject area and come away with specific feedback from the ‘panel’ to help you finalise your own application and give it the best possible chance of success. Each participant is expected to read and review another participant’s draft application and to do a 2 minute presentation on the proposal to the rest of the ‘panel’. No advance preparation is required – this all takes place within the 90 minute session.
  • BBSRC Applications (Mon 6 Sept)
  • Social Science Applications (Wed 3 Nov)
  • Medway – Humanities & Social Sciences Applications (Wed 3 Nov)
  • EPSRC Applications (Wed 10 Nov)
  • FP7 & Other EC Applications (Thurs 11 Nov)
  • Humanities Applications (Wed 17 Nov)
  • BBSRC Applications (TBC – January)
  • Humanities Applications (TBC – Spring Term)
  • Social Science Applications (TBC – Spring Term)
  • BBSRC Applications (TBC - April)
Grants Factory Workshops: the grant-writer’s toolkit
Led by Prof David Shemmings
  • Wed 27 Oct (Canterbury)
  • Wed 24 Feb (Canterbury)
  • TBC (Medway)

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