Monday, 20 September 2010

March on London 9 Oct: Science is Vital

A Facebook group already numbering 1,707 members is planning to organise a rally in central London on 9th October to challenge the Government's plans to cut spending on science and innovation. 'At a time when other countries are investing in science to rejuvenate the economy, funding for science and innovation here will have to be slashed,' they state. 'Only the best will be funded, and the rest can leave the country or flip burgers.'

The group was set up by Jennifer Rohn, a post-doc cell biologist at UCL. Details are still to be confirmed, but as well as the rally they plan to lobby Parliament on Tuesday 12th October, 10-12, Committee Room 10.

'Membership of this group is open to everybody who wants to support science in the UK,' they say. 'Whether you're a scientist or not, please join up, spread the word, and get involved.'

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