Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Impact Brainstorm

With many staff now returning after the summer break, I thought it would be good to re-start the ‘Impact Brainstorm’ sessions that we began last year. So every two weeks representatives from Research Services, Kent Innovation and Enterprise (KIE), and the Media Office will get together to ‘brainstorm’ impact for individual academics.

If you are struggling to think how your research meets the Government’s impact agenda, particularly if you’re preparing an application to the Research Councils, we can help. Let me know what research you are doing or are planning to do and we’ll come up with some ideas for potential beneficiaries, audiences, markets or applications.

We’re meeting on Thursday 9 September. You don’t have to attend: just drop me a line (by the today, preferably) with some details of your research, and I’ll get back to you after the meeting with some notes on avenues to explore.

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