Friday, 14 May 2010

BA Faces up to Possible Cuts

The British Academy President, Professor Sir Adam Roberts, sent out a letter last week that covered various matters, including the prospect of cuts in their funding. In it he stated:

'Thought is also being given to an altogether grimmer matter: how to cope in the event of significant cuts to the Academy’s government grant, on which we rely for almost everything that we do. This would inevitably be painful: there may be valuable and productive programmes or activities in respect of which difficult decisions will need to be taken. When we consulted Sections in January, there was a clear message that we must do all we can to sustain postdoctoral fellowships and small research grants, with perhaps less of a priority to be accorded to BARDAs. Various scenarios are being examined, which Council will consider in June'.

The BARDA success rate is already in single figures, so we'll wait to hear with interest what decision they come to in June.

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