Wednesday, 7 April 2010

REF 'Main Panel Chairs Designate' Advertised

HEFCE are advertising for 'Main Panel Chairs Designate'. Yes, I know they sound like something you'd find in an IKEA catalogue, but we're talking (great and good) flesh and blood here. 'Their role,' the ad says, 'will be to provide advice to the REF Manager on the further planning and development of the framework, before taking up their role as Main Panel Chairs once the panels have been appointed later in the year.
The four Main Panels will broadly cover the following areas of research:
  • Main Panel A: Medicine, health and life sciences

  • Main Panel B: Physical sciences, engineering and mathematics

  • Main Panel C: Social sciences

  • Main Panel D: Arts and humanities.'
So get your 3 sides of A4 off to HEFCE. But you've got to be quick: the deadline's 22 April. Details here.

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