Friday 12 March 2010

The Low Down on the Britac Grants Panel

I've just heard that the success rate for the last round of the British Academy Small Grants was 35%. Eek! A couple of years ago this was a far more robust 69%. So it's halved in two years. I'm not sure if that's down to less money sloshing around 10 Carlton House Terrace (it's not cheap polishing all that marble, you know), or a sign that the whole landscape is just a lot more competitive.
No better time, then, to remind ourselves of what your application will be up against. As you know, the BA represents the whole range of Humanties and Social Sciences. As such, the panel of great and good that will assess your application are quite a mixed bunch.

So watch out all you lawyers, anthropolgists, sociologists! All you professors of English, German, Spanish! All you theologians! There'll be no-one batting on your side. But then again, there'll be no internecine spats either...

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