Thursday, 18 March 2010

EU Culture Programme: UK Applications 75% Success Rate

I've just received an email from the UK National Cultural Contact Point saying that, for the last round of the EU's Culture Programme, 75% of applications from the UK were successful. This is twice the EU average, which was still a respectable 34%. So, if you work in the area of arts and culture, the scheme might be worth having a look at. Of course, coming from the UK doesn't guarantee you a high success rate (cause and effect and all that...), but it does suggest that the fierce comptetition for funding in the UK has honed UK applicants' design and writing skills, making it easy for them to pluck this low-hanging fruit.
There are two different strands of the culture programme: Strand 1.1 are 3-5 year projects and 1.2.1. are 1-2 year projects. The next deadline is 1 Oct 2010 for Strand 1.2.1. You can download the lists of successful projects from the following webpages:
Strand 1.1 Strand 1.2.1

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