Monday, 15 February 2010

STFC: Committee & Panel Vacancies

A number of vacancies have arisen for outstanding individuals to become members of STFC's Committees and Panels, as listed below.
The vacancies have arisen, or will be arising, due to the normal rotation of membership on:
Science Board - 3 vacancies
The Particle Physics, Astronomy and Nuclear Physics Science Committee (PPAN) - 4 vacancies
The Physical and Life Sciences Science Committee (PALS) - 3 vacancies
The Projects Peer Review Panel (PPRP) - 8 vacancies
The Nuclear Physics Grants Panel (NPGP) - 2 vacancies
The Particle Physics Grants Panel (PPGP)
Theoretical - 2 vacancies
Experimental - 2 vacancies
The CERN Fellowship Panel
The Science in Society Advisory Panel (SiS) - 2 vacancies
The Education, Training and Careers Committee (ETCC) - 4 vacancies
If you wish to nominate yourself or a colleague please complete our online form.
The closing date for these posts is Monday 22nd March 2010. More detail on their website.

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