Tuesday, 2 February 2010

More Details of Wellcome's New Scheme Announced

The Wellcome Trust has issued more information on its new Investigator Award scheme, the timetable for it, and how this affects its other schemes.

The following grant schemes will be phased out:
  • project grants

  • programme grants

  • equipment grants

  • biomedical resources grants

  • technology development grants

  • University Awards

  • Flexible Travel Awards

The schemes managed through their Technology Transfer and Medicine, Society and History divisions are not affected by these changes.

Full details of the Investigator Award application form and process will be available from 2 June 2010. You can then apply between 1 October 2010 onwards and Monday 22 November 2010 for the first round. Applications received after this date will be considered at subsequent funding rounds.
In order to manage an expected high volume of applications during the phasing out of the above schemes and to ensure that each application is given a fair and rigorous assessment, Wellcome will have to limit the number of applications that any applicant may have under consideration at one time during the transition period. You will not, therefore, be able to submit applications for Investigator Awards if you either:

  • Are waiting to hear the outcome of an application submitted to a grant scheme that is being phased out;or

  • Are currently a programme grant holder and the grant still has more than two years to run.

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