Thursday, 26 November 2009

Last Grants Factory Workshop Today

Prof Andrew Derrington, the Dean of Social Sciences here at Kent, will be giving the last of his 'Grants Factory' workshops today. These proved to be extremely useful and popular over the summer, and helped applicants understand how to frame their proposals so that it was clear what their research question was, why it was important, how it was going to be answered and how it was going to be effectively disseminated.
Prof Derrington will be heading off to be PVC at Liverpool in the new year, and we wish him well. In his absence the 'Grants Factory' will develop into an ongoing internal peer review system, with 'monthly mock panels' being led by senior academics who have had experience of sitting on funders' panels. Applicants will be able to bring their proposals along to the mock panels and have them reviewed by their peers. More details to follow.

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