Monday 19 October 2009

A Good Alternative Fellowship

People often ask for fellowship funding, and you can understand why. It allows academics to take time out from routine administrative and teaching duties to concentrate on research, which is often what they went into academia for in the first place.
Unfortunately, most other academics are seeking the same thing, and as a result success rates for fellowships tend to be the lowest of any kind of research funding, averaging between 5-15%. However, the Leverhulme 'Study Abroad' Fellowship bucks this trend. The success rate for these last year was a healthy 31%. They offer up to £22,000 to cover 'reasonable replacement cover whilst the Fellow is overseas; travel to and within the overseas country or countries; a maintenance grant to meet the increased expense of living overseas; and essential research costs.'
So if your research takes you abroad, think about these as an 'alternative' type of fellowship. But be warned: the deadline's fast approaching on 10 November.

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