Wednesday 15 February 2012

Everything's ROS-y at NERC

NERC has decided to join AHRC, BBSRC, EPSRC and ESRC and join the Research Outcomes System (ROS). This will take over from its Research Outputs Database (ROD), which they've been using for nearly a decade.

The Council make the case that this will:
  • Reduce the reporting burden by reducing the number of equivalent systems;
  • Simplify submission by moving to a more standardised questionnaire;
  • Improve how publications are handled;
  • Share information better between systems, reducing data entry and reducing transcription errors; and
  • Improve the quality of performance information available to support the case for public investment in the environmental sciences.
What's not to like? Well, as reported here a few months back, the new system isn't without glitches. However, NERC isn't adopting it immediately. Oh no. As in the Life of Brian, this calls for immediate...discussion. NERC will bound into action by:
  • Completing the current collection exercise on the existing system;
  • Establishing a project to manage the process of adopting ROS for future years collection with Centre participation;
  • Engaging with users through the project to ensure that user requirements are identified and met;
  • Adapting ROS where necessary to address NERC requirements, including coverage of grants and Centre programmes; and
  • To migrate, as necessary, historic data.
I love this, the snail-like progress of bureaucracy in motion. It is a thing of beauty. Now if you want more information as to where we are in the programme of NERC migration to ROS - and who doesn't? - it can be found here.

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